Tracker APPS

A tracker app is an application that has been designed to enable phone users to track their mobile devices. Besides that, it can help third parties track the actual location of a mobile phone at any given time without any hustle as well as get remote access to information stored on it – app data, messages, Internet browsing history, etc. Today, similar apps are used extensively by mobile network service providers to track the locations of phones belonging to their customers. This is usually a means of security. It is quite important in situations where the safety of the phone is at stake. For example, the coming of tracking apps has made it possible for mobile network providers to track the location of any person who has stolen a phone. Individuals whose phones have been stolen also have the chance to trace the whereabouts of the person who is in current possession of their mobile devices by resorting to tracking software. Tracking apps are also highly useful in various life-threatening circumstances – for example, during natural disasters or in riots. For instance, victims of floods and forest fires can be tracked down using spy apps provided their phones are still on. All phones which have tracking capabilities use GPS and GNSS technology. Therefore, this feature must be enabled for the tracking to work.

Track my phone app

If you have a smartphone that supports GPS, you can track it from anywhere in the world. There is actually nothing that is complicated about this process. All you have to do is download a tracker app that is compatible with your phone. If you are using a Blackberry smartphone, you can take advantage of Blackberry world, which is the official source of apps for all smartphones from this manufacturer. Android smartphone users have a good number of tracking apps to choose from on Google Play, where you can find both free apps and those available for a fee. Last but not least, Apple smartphone owners can download their tracker apps from App Store.

The installation process for almost all smartphones is basically the same. First, you need to search for the tracker app of your choice. Most app hubs have got a built-in search functionality which you can use to search for any apps you need. You simply have to type in the specific keyword relevant to the type of app that you are searching for. For example, you can search for “find my mobile” if you are using a Samsung mobile phone. As soon as you find an app that matches your requirements, click on the install icon and the app will be downloaded and installed automatically. The download of the app is what takes place first, while the installation follows immediately after the downloading process is complete. The routine is pretty much the same for all smartphones including all Android devices and Apple products as well as mobile devices that use Windows Mobile OS.

Once your device goes missing, you can easily track it provided it has a tracker app installed on it and its battery power has not drained completely. You also have to make sure the GPS is enabled to facilitate the tracking of the phone irrespective of its current position.

There are also online phone tracking services that you can rely on. A typical example of these is a website+app combination known as Prey, which allows you to sign up for an account and track up to three devices with its help. Once any of the three registered devices goes missing, you can use the Prey account to track their positions – accessible from both other devices or any other PC, smartphone or tablet provided you remember your account login credentials. Just like the ones described above, this technique works for most smartphones including Windows-based ones and the ones working on iOS and Android.

Free cell phone tracker app

With the continued rise in the number of situations where tracking services can be used, the need to have a smartphone which has a tracker app installed on it cannot be overstressed. In the past, such apps were not available for free. The leading smartphones that came with such apps were priced much higher compared to those without tracking functionality. Fortunately, the situation has changed today following the coming of free phone tracking apps. The following are some of the most remarkable free cell phone tracker apps that are available on Google Play Store.

Cell Tracker

If you have someone to track and they use an Android device, this is the application to go for. It capitalises on the locating abilities of the GPRS transmitter or Wi-Fi network that may be nearby. The app can enable you to track the location of anyone whose android device is GPRS or Wi-Fi enabled every half an hour. It is perfect for tracking phones that have been stolen or misplaced.

Children Tracking

This application is one of the most popular free Android tracking apps. With the help of Children Tracking you will be able to check the current location of your child as often as the need arises. You have to install the app on your phone, then run it and lock it or hide it so that your privacy-seeking offspring don’t get to delete it. That’s basically it – you will always be aware of your children\s whereabouts as long as their Android phones or tablets are with them.

Mobile Tracker

This is also a truly remarkable tracking app that is available for free and can be installed on any compatible Android device. It is a multipurpose app and features many functions that can enhance your user experience significantly. First of all, like many other tracking apps, Mobile Tracker allows you to trace your children or other family members. Besides, this app can give you remote control over your phone irrespective of its current location. It’s worth pointing out, however, that the phone is supposed to be on for you to manipulate it remotely. The list of functions that you can get remote access to with the help of Mobile Tracker include the following: locking and unlocking, retrieval of battery status, reset of the phone and disabling or enabling Wi-Fi and GPS at will among other features.

A Free Phone Tracker App vs. Paid: which one to choose

When it comes to choosing a free phone tracking app, there is a lot that you lay your hands on without spending a single penny. The biggest advantage of a phone tracking app that is free of cost is that there is virtually nothing you can lose – if you do not find the needed feature in it, you can always switch to another one without a moment’s hesitation! You can get all the basic features that you want in your app with a simple download, and be sure that your phone is protected and secure at all times.

However, that is all there is to a free phone tracker app. Free apps or free versions of paid apps come with limited features, and you may not be able to use the app to its fullest potential without actually paying or purchasing its advanced version. If an app is free without any such conditions, then its developers may show ads in it, which can be fairly annoying for the user. Ads are obstructive and are often a source of malware on many devices.

A paid phone tracking app, on the other hand, is something that allows you to utilize the complete potential of what the developer has created for you. Such an app comes with advanced features that are extremely hard to find in free apps or their trial versions. A bonus feature that is most often available only in paid phone tracking apps is that it stays hidden and works in the background. This simply means that anyone using a stolen device will be unaware that a tracking app is running on it, and can be quite an accessory in a scenario where the original owner has lost their phone or had it stolen.

But there’s a fly in the ointment too. There have been many cases of paid apps being turned into scams, wherein a user may end up losing his or her money by paying for a product which does not really work as well as advertised. The simplest way to avoid running into a scam is checking real user reviews from at least 2-3 different sites on the Internet – if a significant number of users say the app leaves much to be desired, then it most definitely does.

Choosing a tracking app for iPhone

Contrary to Android phones, iPhones are equipped with a number of tracking features by default. Being some of the most advanced smartphones that are available on the market today, naturally they come equipped with a GPS transmitter. This makes it very easy to track them irrespective of their location. However, just like other mobile devices, iPhones also have to be on to be tracked remotely.

Apple’s App Store is home to a vast array of tracker apps that you can use to track your phone in case you misplaced it or it gets stolen. By doing a simple search with keywords like “tracking”, “track” or “find my iPhone” you should be able to find a number of tracking apps – both free and paid ones. The following software programs are some of the most popular ways of tracking the iPhone that has gone missing.

Find My iPhone

This software developed in house by Apple Inc. is among the most popular apps for tracking an iPhone that has been lost. It works in a similar fashion with another Apple’s tracking app; Find my iPad which is meant for tracking the iPad. The app allows you to use another iPhone device to track yours that you think may have been lost or stolen. All you have to do is to log in to the app with your Apple ID and that’s it – you can track your phone remotely using the app. Find My iPhone and Find My iPad also allow you to wipe data on your mobile device, lock it or display a custom message on its screen.


When it comes to tracking an Apple mobile device, you can also use Prey, which is an online based tracking system for all smartphones including iPhones. The online app enables you to track your phone’s location after you have logged into your Prey account on the service’s official website.

Family tracker

This tracker app is available for iPhone smartphone users. It is intended for tracking mobile devices belonging to one’s relatives but, if you are sneaky enough, you can trace basically anyone with its help – all you will have to do is install the app on that person’s smartphone or tablet. The basic features of the app are free, but there are also other built-in tools that you can use for a moderate fee – a tool allowing to control the phone remotely being among them.

Choosing an Android TRACKER APP

Selecting an Android tracker app can be quite challenging since there are a lot of good apps out there that will help you keep your Android device safe. A quick feature roundup of some of the most popular apps is what you need in order to help you make the right decision.

Developed and supported by Google itself, the Android Device Manager is the first in the list. It helps you see where the device is on the map, and, if that is needed, allows remotely wiping the data on it and locking it. From a single Google account, several devices can be managed. This free app is all a user needs to get the minimal of anti-theft security for his or her mobile devices.

Avast Anti-Theft is another free app that can be used to track and protect your phone. The free version of this app has all standard functions such as alarms, remote lock, data wiping, etc. It all has a utility that allows you to be notified when the SIM of the device is changed, and can be installed in stealth mode that hides it from the device. It has a host of in-app purchases (with rather annoying regular reminders, to be honest) that can help enhance its functionality.

Cerberus is also amongst the most popular anti-theft apps, which is absolutely no wonder as it comes with an array of functions that extend beyond standard. Apart from such functions as remote locks, data wiping and stealth mode, it also has a feature wherein it will provide you with a log of the calls made after the device is stolen.

Prey Anti-Theft had been one of the most famous apps in the genre till a few years ago. While Prey may not be in its glory years right now, it still has a lot to speak for in its favour. It has a helpful little feature wherein the app cannot be uninstalled (it can be reauthorized from a separate menu to disable this). The Pro Version of this software can be used on any number of devices, and it sends encrypted reports, making all your private data safe and protected.

These are but just a few of the best apps that there are in the market and knowing the standard features of these is an added factor that can help you to find the right app.

Most widespread problems of TRACKING APPS

While a tracking app is quite the solution to most security issues, it is never really free of problems in itself. The most common issue that users face with tracking apps is that the reported device location may not really be very accurate. Largely, the reported location depends on the phone’s GPS accuracy and wireless signal, so there is always a margin of error in it. In case the device is in an area of low connectivity or the cellular strength is weak, then there is not a lot that the tracking app would be able to do since it will not be accurate in determining and reporting the location.

Additionally, some tracking apps are also quite easy to spot on the phone while they are running. This simply means that if someone gets a hold of your device, he or she can simply determine if any such application is running on the device and disable it. While there may be alternatives that are there to prevent that from happening, a tracking app is best only when it stays hidden and working in the background.

Also, while an app may look safe and do what it actually advertises to, there is no way for the user to be sure it is not doing anything ‘extra’ as well. A tracking app requires a host of permissions from the user to work, and the user generally does not understand what these permissions are for. This means that your personal information may be accessible to the app, and consequently, the developer as well. There have been instances of apps making use of the information for other purposes, including selling such information and installing malware on the device.

Privacy concerns are one of the biggest ‘side-effects’ of using a tracking app, as they require to constantly read and update your device’s location. Any outgoing or incoming data may also be monitored, and these are unavoidable consequences. While most devices restrict the amount of permissions that the user can grant, apps such as these do have ways of accessing all kinds of information stored in the device.

Is it legal to use an APP TO TRACK PHONE?

The legality of using a tracking app on a mobile device is quite a common question and as long as you, the owner, are using it on your own device, there should not be any associated legal complications with it. A tracking app is best used if you install it on a device with the intent of protecting it from theft and ensuring that you get it back in case anything like that occurs. However, with the way these apps function, there is a lot more that they can be used for, and not all of them are as legal as that.

A tracking app can be a great way for parents to keep a tab on their children. However, if you are installing an app like this on their phone without their knowledge, then you should remember that this is only legal if you do it on your kid who is a minor- i.e., less than 18 years of age. Installing a tracker on the device of any adult without his or her consent, no matter who it may be in your family or elsewhere, would be considered illegal in most countries of the world.

So, it’s clear that tracking apps outlaw a certain number of people using them. But hey, are all of them working in full accordance with the current legislation themselves? A growing concern related to using an app that so closely monitors your device’s sensitive data has to do with the things it does to all the information it collects. The amount of data that an application tracking your device real-time captures is huge, and it is all sensitive. There have been many instances of mobile applications stealing and selling private data, and before installing any such app and providing it with the requisite permissions, you should ensure that it clearly states that your private information will not be disclosed to any third parties. Users need to be aware of the amount of permissions that they grant to an app, and be cautious before they let any application get access to their device and its information.

Anyway, the bottom line here is the following: while the legality of installing an app that tracks a phone also varies as per your country and area of residence, it is always better to have the device owner’s permission before installing anything of the sort on it. Please, keep this in mind at all times when trying to decide whether you should use tracking software or not.