Why and how to SPY?

In today’s age of deception and extremism, it is very important to keep track of your near and dear ones. Employers need to know what their employees are doing in their absence and people in a relationship need to know what the other partner is up to. Also, considering the growing crime rate, it is always a possibility that your expensive phone gets stolen. This is why you need to have a mobile tracker app installed. Tracking mobile phones is different from spying because most of the time you are tracking someone’s phone to acknowledge if that the person is safe and sound and is being honest to you. Such as, you would want to track your kid’s cellphone to ensure his/her safety. Spying, however, is not an easy task unless you use a reliable, advanced and fully-loaded tracker app. Nowadays, various tracker apps are available for Android and iOS devices and there are some that work on all models equally well. All you need to do is install these apps on the targeted phone and that’s it. You will be able to get information about the whereabouts and activities of the person you need to spy on – i.e. check call history, locations visited and SMS/text messages easily and enjoy full peace of mind.

How to spy on text messages without installing software

Spying on someone’s phone without installing software is barely possible. It’s worth mentioning that there are some applications that can be sent to a phone via email but such apps are not reliable and effective per se. To keep track of a person remotely, you need to install software on the phone, which is usually a tracker application. This software will allow you to connect to the mobile through numerous methods such as online tracking, email notifications and/or mobile text messages. Conversely, without installing any spying software you cannot spy on a cellphone unless you have physically stolen it and gone through the contents of the phone manually. To connect to any device for that matter, you need some kind of software that can link your computer, cellphone or tablet to the target device. Just like you cannot operate a computer or laptop without an operating system installed, in the same manner you cannot track the location or data of a cellphone without installing software.

You must have seen companies promoting remote install spy software on the internet every now and then. These are nothing else but an exaggeration of sorts. Please note that no matter how hard you try, this just isn’t possible to spy on text messages or location without the help of any tracker app. The only reason such applications are developed, which state that if you download them on your phone you can easily spy on anyone’s text messages miraculously, is because the creators want to exploit your desperation. If tracking text messages was so easily possible then why would established firms spend millions of dollars creating mobile tracking software like Flexispy, mSpy or MobileSpy? More so, why would these firms spend so much on selling software that needs to be installed on the targeted device directly when the easier alternative is to install software on your own phone?

Technology does not work like this, there has to be some sort of connectivity to the targeted device to facilitate spying. If you buy such software considering that it will help you spy on text messages on the target phone then this will be useless because not just that this is an impractical idea but such software may get you in trouble. Because most of the times these are scams designed to hack your phone. You will definitely feel compelled to download this kind of software but what you will get in return is being spied upon yourself by fraudsters of all sorts.

How to see someone’s text messages

You can easily see someone’s text messages on mobile phone without actually touching the phone or stealing it. Today, with the ever increasing number of mobile tracker applications, it is not a big deal to check the text messages on any person’s phone secretly. There are so many SMS tracker and text message spy apps available on the internet (both on free and paid basis), which can be used to check messages. With the help of SMS tracker apps practically anyone can spy on mobile phones and gather text messages from almost any mobile device being sold in the market.

The abovementioned apps enable a user to not only retrieve any targeted device’s text messages but also extract old and deleted messages. This is done by scouring the mobile phone’s memory and extracting the text messages data provided that the data hasn’t been overwritten. In most cases, users have extracted text messages that are up to one year old.

The most impressing aspect is the fact that using SMS tracker software, you can perform a variety of actions on the target mobile device. In addition to text messages, these apps can also extract other data, such as GPS location, picture history, call logs, videos, social media messages/posts and likes from Facebook and Twitter and web browser history. There is however a particular accuracy range within which an app can collect GPS location information. For example, an app called Highster Mobile can only provide location data with the accuracy of approximately 50 feet of the actual location of the phone.

Using spying apps is quite easy: just install the program on the phone or tablet you want to monitor, install the receiving client on your own mobile device or computer (some apps will also ask you to provide the telephone number you want to send the retrieved text messages to) and that’s it. Within minutes the text messages will start pouring in. With these apps, whether you want to spy on your daughter or son, husband, employee or just about anyone, the deed will be done immediately.

How to get text messages from another phone in the safest way?

To spy on another phone’s text messages, you need to install the app on the targeted phone secretly, so that the owner doesn’t get to know about it. In case the software gets detected, the owner will obviously delete it and will probably want someone to explain him or her how it got there, so better be cautious. Fortunately, you won’t have to bother about the installation process much – as soon as it is installed on the target device, the app will literally vanish in thin air and will start working in the background so that the owner stays unaware. Now you just have to wait and watch the data you wanted to be aware of.

A good example of a spying app perfect for retrieving text messages from a target phone or tablet is iSpyoo. This app is fairly popular, which is absolutely no wonder – it is versatile and satisfies all your spying needs such as it accesses text messages remotely, tracks Whatsapp and iMessages data, tracks mobile’s location, accesses media files, sends call logs and stored phone contacts information.

If you think that detecting and deleting an app on iPhone or an Android smartphone is fairly easy, then you probably don’t know much about spying apps. These apps are virtually undetectable because they run in the background. Therefore, it barely gets to deleting them because, first and foremost, it’s next to impossible to notice them working. What helps a lot there is spying apps’ ability to disable all tools that could be a menace to them – antivirus programs, built-in security apps, etc. Plus, these apps run smoothly on almost any mobile device because they don’t use much processing power, so they won’t slow the phone or tablet you’re spying on and won’t make their owner suspect something is wrong.

All in all, there’s only one piece of advice that can be given to a person wondering how to install a text message tracking app on someone’s mobile device in the safest way possible: don’t get caught in the process and let the app itself handle all the rest. You won’t be disappointed!