IPhone & Android SPYware

Mere years ago when the first iPhones and Android phones were being released, people used to believe that these new amazing devices would be 100% resistant to spyware by default. However, as time passes, we can see that those brave assumptions were totally wrong – there are tons of spyware programs putting Android devices at risk and quite a few viruses that can affect iOS-based smartphones and tablets too. Thus, what we’re going to say right now is probably going to sound very surprising to our readers…

iPhone and Android spyware can actually be good and highly useful!

Look, we hope there won’t be any misunderstanding here – that statement above doesn’t have anything to do with ‘bad’ spyware, which is designed to steal people’s personal information and money sending it into the bottomless pockets of evil hackers. Mobile phone spyware can also be used by parents trying to ensure their kids’ safety, by employers trying to build genuinely efficient companies, by spouses who need an extra proof of each other’s faithfulness… The range of possibilities is virtually unlimited here!

Phone spyware

But okay, before we move on to describing the potential benefits of using spying apps for iOS and Android, let’s take the time and talk about phone spyware as a whole in more detail. According to recent researches, more than 1% of all mobile devices in the world are currently infected with spyware. This fairly impressing figure is actually as high as PC infection rate, so if you still don’t want to get an antivirus for your mobile device because it “doesn’t need any extra protection”, we recommend you to consider it once again.

Most ‘bad’ mobile spyware programs are used by their developers just like their PC-oriented counterparts. Stealing personal information, getting access to credit cards, snatching personal photos and videos from the hard drive – phone malware apps can do all that and even more. Some of them might even send SMS from your phone to paid numbers automatically subscribing you to various services and draining your balance in a blink of an eye. It’s safe to say that modern smartphones are even more vulnerable to malicious apps than personal computers are, which is exactly why they need decent protection.

There are lots of ways you can get your phone or tablet infected. Porn sites, shady apk apps, attachments in junk mails, even messages from hacked social media accounts and apps like Viber, Whatsapp or Skype – you never know where you got that virus from. Thus, never be in too much hurry to open some weird archives or view some sites your chat buddies keep sending to you – the danger is always real. In fact, the creativity of fraudsters knows no limits – every time you post your phone number online, you become the target not only of annoying telemarketers but also of real Internet gangsters who will do all it takes just to get you to click that link or download that file.

But hey, don’t be paranoid about all the things you do online from your smartphone or tablet. In fact, most up-to-date antiviruses offer you a decent level of protection again spyware threats. Just install one of those on your device and never disregard their warnings – this should keep you perfectly safe.

Phone spy software

Okay, now that we scared the hell out of you with all those spooky phone spyware stories, let’s change the situation we imagined the other way around. Imagine that it is you who is spying on other people with the help of monitoring apps. Of course, you’re not the evil kind of guy (or girl) and you’re not after your target’s money because, obviously, that’s a crime and we don’t commit crimes here. You’re the good kind of spy who cares about the person being spied on – say, this person is your teenage daughter and you just want to make sure she is not using drugs or hanging out with dangerous guys, stuff like that. Such circumstances make using a spying app perfectly reasonable, right?

Now let’s think about the situations where using phone spy software is perfectly legal and the situations where the current legislation says we’d rather avoid doing that. First and foremost, keeping a tab on your children who are under 18 years of age is perfectly legal – there’s no chance someone would sue you for worrying about their safety. If you are a business owner, it’s not likely that you can get into any kind of trouble for installing monitoring apps on phones and tablet computers that belong to the company. Trying to plant spyware on your employees’ personal mobile devices is definitely a no-no, however. And of course, if you are a jealous spouse trying to find out whether your wife or husband has been cheating on you or not, using spyware for that is never too much of a good idea. Yeah, we know that you are family and you deserve to know the truth but… The laws of most countries still frown upon it, putting it mildly. Anyway, if you decided to spy on someone using iOS or Android spyware, go ahead and do it, but only after checking what your state’s legal system has to say about it.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be the nerdy hacker type of guy you’re probably used to seeing in the movies in order to operate mobile spy software. Phone monitoring apps are fairly simple and a quick look through the manual should be more than enough to get you going.

Cell phone tracking software

Okay, now let’s get down to describing the features of mobile spying apps – that is, all of the amazing things you can do with their help. We will begin with the most basic functionality, which is location tracking. Don’t underestimate its power though as the information you can get knowing the targeted person’s whereabouts can truly be golden. Back to the parenting example, for instance: it would be much easier to catch your kid skipping classes if you see their phone on the map – moving through the mall when it should be way closer to the school building. Or, for example, you can use it to track your employees while they are running errands around town: a quick afternoon nap in the park will definitely not slip away unnoticed by you. And the last, though definitely not the least… Is your dear hubby really spending as much time in the gym as he says he does? There’s no better way to find that out than with the help of a location app.

There are all kinds of tracking apps available to smartphone and tablet users these days. Some of them actually can be downloaded directly from Apple’s and Google’s official app stores. Of course, both of these companies are strongly against spying, so there’s one serious downside to the apps you can find there – they are impossible to hide from the eyes of the person being spied on. Thus, they can only be installed on their phone after you obtain their consent or… Well, maybe they are not really tech-savvy or never pay attention to icons and notifications on their phones. In that case, you won’t need much apart from that app from Google Play or Apple App Store.

If you, however, want the real deal – a top-notch location tracking app that the person you’re spying on would never ever be able to notice on his or her mobile device, you will probably have to resort to the help of third-party developers and app stores. Those real spy apps can be locked or hidden and always function in the background without giving themselves away by any means. Too bad most of them are available at a cost and are fairly expensive.

Main features of Android spy software

If the phone or tablet belonging to the person you plan to spy on is Android-based, consider yourself lucky in a lot of ways. First of all, there are considerably fewer spy apps available for iOS as opposed to the abundance of those compatible with Android. Moreover, in most of the cases using a spy app on Android doesn’t require any OS modifications, which means you don’t have to be a tech geek in order to set up tracking and won’t arouse the targeted person’s suspicion by spending hours fumbling with their mobile device. Android is obviously simpler than iOS and that’s exactly what’s so good about it in our particular situation.

When it comes to the selection of features that Android spy software offers to its users, it’s safe to say that it’s even more than simply impressing. Android-based spying apps can do lots of things including but not limited to viewing the targeted person’s location, retrieving their message logs (not only from SMS but also from messenger apps, social networks, etc.), recording or transmitting their calls live, viewing their photos, videos and contacts, checking their web browsing history and so and so on. Naturally, free Android monitoring apps only offer a limited selection of functions to their users while paid ones can do everything stated above and even more.

Before getting down to reading the reviews and trying to figure out, which Android monitoring app is right for you, take the time to check, what version of Android OS is installed on the phone or tablet you want to spy on. In order to do that, go to the device’s Settings, scroll all the way down to About section, choose ‘Software Information’ and… Bingo, you’ve found it. If, for instance, the targeted phone is a fairly old one with Android 2.3 installed on it, there’s no need for you to install ultra-modern spying software on it – there’s always a chance it works only on Android 4.0+ or 5.0+. Besides, a resource-consuming monitoring application may slow the targeted device down significantly, which will probably make its owner look for the cause of the lag and maybe even catch you spying on them.

Installing and setting up spyware for Android

Even though there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of spy apps you can use to monitor someone’s Android-based smartphone or tablet, the routine that you have to follow when installing and setting them up is pretty much the same in most of the cases. First and foremost, you will have to spend some time researching the whole topic of mobile spying. Try to figure out, what kind of spy app you’re looking for – what functions do you want it to have, are you willing to pay for it, and so and so on. And hey, don’t forget about reading real users’ testimonials and reviews as those are where the most valuable and honest information comes from after all.

After the right app has been chosen, you need to familiarize yourself with it by reading whatever manuals are there and maybe even going through the FAQ section on the developer’s website. Done with that too? Okay, now let’s head on to the most exciting part.

The next step that you will have to take involves obtaining the targeted device. We mean, physically – you will have to snatch away your boyfriend’s, colleague’s, kid’s or whoever-else-you’re-spying-on’s phone and keep it in your hands for at least a few minutes. Don’t believe those fraudsters who say that they only need the number of the targeted phone in order to retrieve all the information on it – those promises of theirs are nothing but a scam.

Got that phone? Now install the spying app on it, lock or hide it (if this particular app allows that) and… Yeah, that’s basically it. If you have a couple minutes more, take the time to test the whole setup by sending an SMS or calling someone – for example, your own phone. If everything has been set up correctly, the information about the message or call will appear in the master app on your phone or in your personal account on the spy app’s website depending on which option is offered by this particular program. Now don’t forget to erase the test message or call info from the targeted phone and wait for the info to start pouring in.

Popular Android spyware

Even though there are literally tons of spy apps optimized for use on Android devices, very few of them deserve being called really good. Here in this part of our article we will say a few words about the best of the best – or, at least, about those that showed best results in our impromptu tests and managed to impress us.

1. mSpy: a spy app that has been around for quite some time already and never fails to impress the ones using it. Even though it is available on paid basis and is, frankly speaking, really expensive (from $29.99 to $479+), the vast array of its features makes buying it look like a really good investment. mSpy can track a cell phone’s or tablet’s location, offers access to SMS, social network message logs, messenger apps, media files, browsing history, call logs, contacts, intercepts calls, makes ambient listening possible and so and so on. Needless to say, it leaves no trace of its work on the targeted mobile device, which makes it virtually undetectable.

2. Spyera: the spyware that looks almost identical to the one above – but with one very important extra feature added. What brings it one step closer to one’s conventional perception of spyware is the fact that it allows you to literally hack into people’s web accounts on pretty much any website, in any app or any web-based service. How does it do it, you wonder? Simply by recording usernames and passwords when the person being spied on types them during authorization.

3. Cell Tracker: if you are someone who doesn’t really like to pay for apps but still want to track someone’s whereabouts, consider downloading this free app from Google Play. Of course, it doesn’t function is stealth mode, so the person, whose phone it’s installed on, will be fully aware of the fact he or she is being tracked but… This shouldn’t be a problem in situations when you’re monitoring your employees or, say, minor children who are not yet rebellious enough to remove everything you caringly plant on their mobile devices.

iPhone monitoring basics

Let us warn you straight from the start – monitoring an iOS-based mobile device is considerably more challenging than performing the same task on an Android device, simply because the developers from Apple Inc. are real control freaks that are always doing their best to make iOS code almost impossible to break into. On one hand, this is good because they want to protect you from people willing to spy on you. But what if you’re actually playing for team spy and need to learn more about a person owning an iPhone, iPod or iPad? Don’t worry, there is a way.

The main condition that has to be observed at all times if you want to use real spy software on someone owning an Apple mobile device is as follows: that device has to be jailbroken. If you don’t know what this term means, just google it – there are thousands of guides and manuals showing you how to do it and explaining you why you should do it. Summing it up in a few words: jailbreaking is editing iOS so that it can work with loads of apps Apple doesn’t want it to work with, can be customized according to its owners’ preferences and so and so on. We will tell you more about jailbreaking and how it’s done in the following subsections of our today’s article, so feel free to jump right there to get more knowledge of this topic.

Just like with Android-based devices, you will have to get hold of targeted iPhone, iPod or iPad if you want to plant spyware on it. Note that the whole process is likely to take more time as you will need to jailbreak the device (in case it’s not jailbroken already) prior to installing the spy app. Of course, you can plant spyware on an iOS device remotely but this will require a completely different level of technical knowledge. If you don’t know how to integrate spyware into files you’re sending over email or messengers, then you should probably stick with the grab-it-and-install-it model.

And, yes, spy apps compatible with iOS can do everything that Android spy apps do including location tracking, message and call monitoring, call recording, ambient listening and recording, browser history logging, etc.

Installing and setting up iPhone spy software

Just an we have already said it above in the section dedicated to installing and setting up Android spying apps, the most important part of the whole process begins long before the moment you grab the targeted mobile device and start planting monitoring software on it. It is choosing the right spy app, which determines your future success. Needless to say, this rule applies to spying on iPhone as well. Take the time to compare the most popular spying apps compatible with iOS, spend some time reading user reviews, try to understand, which features of a spy app are an absolute must-have in your case and which ones you don’t need that badly. And of course, make sure that the app of your choice works on the iOS version your targeted device is using.

Okay, before we get to that mysterious jailbreaking part, let us give a little but very important remark about iPhone and iPad spying apps that don’t require jailbreaking the targeted device. Yes, these do exist and even though they can’t be hidden from the eyes of the person, whose mobile device they are installed on, some of them can still be used for phone or tablet monitoring quite well.

But what if you have decided to go for one of the more advanced spying apps compatible with Apple devices? Those will definitely require jailbreaking the targeted device. If you’re lucky, it may turn out to be already jailbroken by its current owner, which will save you loads of time and hassle. Otherwise, you will somehow have to lay your hands on the iPhone or iPad for a substantial period of time since jailbreaking is not something that can be done in a matter of minutes.

Done jailbreaking the device you want to spy on? The rest is easy – just download the app, install it on the targeted device and set it up so that it’s not visible to the owner of the phone or tablet it’s planted on (if it has a stealth mode available, of course). Connect it with your personal account and that’s it – the data you’re interested in should start trickling into your account on the website or directly onto your mobile device or computer.

Popular iPhone monitoring software

Believe it or not but the most popular iPhone tracking app is the one developed and offered by Apple Inc. themselves. It’s not a spy app per se even though it can be used as such. Yeah, you got it all right – it is the Find My iPhone/Find My iPad app that we are talking about. Originally designed to help find lost or stolen iPhone and iPads and retrieve personal information from them, this app is incredibly easy to use. The only problem that you might face when using it is the fact that you will need to provide the targeted person’s Apple ID and password in order to be able to track them. If you know those, just install the app on their phone and on any other Apple device, log in to their Apple account from the second device and that’s it – you’ll have instant access to their location data. There won’t be much information available apart from that – no message or call logs whatsoever, no media, etc., but… Their location is still good to know, isn’t it?

Cross-platform spying apps like mSpy or Spyera are also available on iPhone and iPad. As we have already said above when we reviewed their Android versions, these apps are quite expensive but their functionality is worth all the money in the world! Judge yourself – you will be paying a few dozen bucks ever month but here’s what you will get in exchange:

  • Targeted device location
  • Full access to SMS and messages in social networks and mobile messengers
  • Call recording
  • Ambient listening and recording
  • Web browsing and app usage history
  • Operating in stealth mode
  • Password logging and more
  • Whatever iPhone or Android monitoring app you choose in the end, we sure hope that it helps you reach your spying goals. If you have any feedback regarding mobile spy apps that you used and liked or didn’t like, don’t hesitate to let us know – we will be more than lad to update this article every now and then. So, this is it, we guess – happy spying and don’t break any laws in process!